What Are The Examples Of A Prototype That A Company Can Make?

Prototyping has been an important step in manufacturing new products for a long time. Even centuries ago, examples of a prototype or mockups were used to envision how a product would look before it could be built. One sector that has religiously used mockup models in most parts of the world is the real estate sector. But we also have the automobile sector and robotics sector, which is using prototyping to improve the product’s market success.

What are the examples of a prototypes that you have worked on?

Hemtom has worked with different organizations across various verticals and industries to create prototypes. This involves the use of different raw materials, varying techniques and a wide range of surface finishing options to create a mockup model that is accurate and highly detailed for our clients.

1. Appearance models – One of our most common examples of a prototypes are appearance models which are created for businesses who want to find out how a drawing or a computer draft of the product looks in actuality. When we work on appearance models for a company we focus carefully on intricate details to make sure that the model is rendered correctly.

Hemtom has different technologies, equipment and finish options available to create the perfect prototypes for any industry. examples of a prototypes we create are also shared with our clients through our website so anyone can look at the quality of our work. We also encourage our clients to visit our manufacturing facility to experience how prototyping takes place.

2. Structural prototypes –While appearances can be important when building a prototype, many of our clients are looking for mockups that can be tested for functionality. So, another examples of a prototype are structural prototypes which are created for clients who are looking for functioning models.

We mostly use CNC machining for building the parts of functional prototypes because it allows for higher accuracy and is very detailed. We can use a variety of materials to create models using CNC. examples of a prototypes that are functional include cameras, watches, earphone parts and speaker parts.

3. Sheet Metal Prototypes –Sheet metal is also used in a specific kind of prototyping which we call sheet metal bending. This is an examples of a prototype which use different types of metal sheets like 301, 304 stainless steel, cold rolled plate, galvanized sheet, cupronickel, beryllium copper and 5052 alloy aluminum.

Our team of specialists handle sheet metal bending with high precision to deliver quality outcomes for our customers.

4. Polyurethane Vacuum Casting – Another examples of a prototype is polyurethane vacuum casted models. In this method we use a 3D printer or a CNC machine to create a master model. This master model is set up in a block or suspended in a frame. Then liquid silicone is poured into the frame or the casting box and this creates a silicon mold which is used for casting the polyurethane parts.

Silicon molds are very effective in producing detailed prototypes because the molds are flexible and make it easier to handle reverse drafts and undercuts. Additionally, this method of prototyping has faster turnaround times as well. examples of a prototypes we create using this method are watches. This method can be used for producing small and large parts of a product.

Hemtom has established itself as a market leader in the prototyping industry by using modern techniques and the latest equipment to create prototypes of different kinds. The examples of a prototypes we have discussed above are some of the commonly used methods, but we are always innovating and researching new techniques which can help us enhance the quality of our prototypes and improve our client experience.

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