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Be the Best structural prototype manufacturer

As one of the best prototyping manufacturers in China, Hemtom is proud to provide excellent prototyping services to designers and inventors around the world. Our professional team and advanced technology enable us to stand out in the field of mockup manufacturing and provide customers with high-quality solutions.

Running tests on a functional prototype before going to production can save you a lot of money. This essential phase in the product development process can help you make adjustments in your design so that your product will go to the market with more competence.

Customizable Structural Prototype Solutions

With 20+ years of experience in prototype manufacturing, Hemtom knows the importance of structural prototyping in the product development and design process. Our manufacturing process covers advanced technologies such as 3D printing, CNC machining, laser cutting, etc. Whether you need to test the stability of the body structure in the automotive industry, optimize the performance of aircraft components in the aerospace industry, or verify the internal structure in the medical device industry reliability, we can provide you with the best structural prototyping services.

Advanced production technology

Hemtom uses advanced 3D printing and CNC machining technology to manufacture high-precision and detailed structural prototypes. We have state-of-the-art equipments to ensure excellent service.

Choose the most suitable material

Our material experts will provide you with professional guidance to help you choose the most suitable material to ensure that your design is truly tested and evaluated.

Confidentiality and reliability

Confidentiality and reliability are the high priority we attach to each project. We are well aware of the importance of our customers’ design and intellectual property rights to their business, and we will signe strict confidentiality agreement with our customers to clarify the confidentiality obligations and responsibilities of both parties to the project information.

Customized solutions

Whether you need rapid prototyping, structural prototyping, appearance prototyping or small batch production, we can provide the most suitable solution according to your specific needs. We have advanced manufacturing equipment and professional technical teams, which can handle a variety of projects of different types and complexity.

OUR Projects

Prototype of shopping mall robot shell

exterior shell of the mall robot

The exterior shell of the mall robot is smooth and glossy, with a polished finish and no burrs. The craftsmanship is delicate and refined. Surface treatments available include oil spraying, silk-screen printing, sandblasting, and electroplating. The customization of the mall robot shell is mold-free, allowing for fast delivery, low customization costs, and support for small batch customization.
drone prototype

drone prototype

Hemtom uses ABS material to make the prototype of the drone through CNC processing technology, and then performs surface treatment such as grinding and painting to ensure that the appearance and texture of the prototype of the drone meet the expected effect and provide an excellent display for your design. We pay attention to every detail to ensure that the final drone prototype has a refined texture and meets your requirements.
Smart sweeper prototype

Smart Sweeper Prototype

PC material, CNC machined PC to make sweeper prototype, and then surface treatment such as grinding and painting.
BlueTooth speaker mechanical and appearance model

BlueTooth speaker mechanical

CNC Plastic, Painting in matte white with leather texture.
Mechanical model

Mechanical model

Made from PC by CNC, sandblasting and deburring.
Speaker Parts

Speaker Parts

Made from leather, speaker cloth and foam to imitate the real earmuff.Other parts made of PC by CNC, polishing and painting.


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