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As the automotive industry faces the demand for high-quality, high-efficiency, and integrated intelligent manufacturing of multi-degree-of-freedom complex parts, CNC machining can realize rapid prototyping and standardization of complex parts, shorten the production cycle, and improve enterprise efficiency. Widely used in the production of high-volume automotive components and die castings, post-processing of investment castings and now popular functional test components such as lighting, engine, transmission and steering systems.

Why choose us for vehicle development

Why choose us for vehicle development

1.Competitive price: Due to our cost control and streamlined production, we provide customers with the most cost-effective CNC auto parts personalized production solutions.

2.High-quality materials: a variety of metal materials and green durable plastic materials to meet the special needs of automobile production.

5.Strong capability: 50+ state-of-the-art CNC machine tools for automotive products can be produced in small and medium scale

3.Custom Design: CNC auto parts of any complexity can be designed and produced according to customer drawings and sample design drawings.

6.Production speed: 24/7 rapid machining, now offering reliable rapid automotive prototyping and rapid manufacturing solutions

4.High precision: Advanced equipment and an excellent production team ensure the high precision of each CNC machined auto part.

7.High-quality service: timely communicate production progress with customers and deliver on time

Customized parts and prototypes for the automotive industry

For many years, Hemtom has been working with automotive brands to build automotive components, exterior prototypes, and low-volume production of automotive products. CNC automotive processing technology can realize rapid prototyping and produce complex auto parts. Our designers and engineers utilize rapid manufacturing and automated DFM feedback to achieve optimized designs, reducing manufacturing risk and expense. Hemtom can further enhance your ability to respond to market changes through our mature supply chain.

Our Auto Parts Precision CNC Machining Capabilities

CNC automotive processing applications

In the automobile manufacturing process, many parts need to be machined to ensure that they meet the design requirements and can function normally in the automobile. The following are the common parts that need to be processed in automobiles:

Engine parts such as cylinder blocks, crankshafts, pistons, valves, cylinder heads, etc. need to be precision machined to ensure that their internal clearance and surface quality meet the design requirements, so as to ensure the performance and reliability of the engine.

Brake system parts such as brake discs, brake drums, brake calipers, etc. need to be precisely processed to ensure brake performance and safety.

Transmission system parts such as gearbox gears, bearings, and drive shafts need to be processed with high precision to ensure the smooth operation and high efficiency of the transmission system.

The suspension arms, shock absorbers and other parts in the suspension system need to be processed to ensure the handling and ride comfort of the car.

The doors, roof, carriages and other parts in the body structure need to be accurately processed and assembled to ensure the stability and safety of the body.

Electrical system parts such as electric windows and lampshades need to be processed to ensure their cooperation and normal function in the electrical system.

The exterior decoration parts of the car, such as the front grille, side skirts, rear spoilers, etc., need to be processed to ensure that their appearance and shape are consistent with the design.

Interior parts such as dashboards, seats, central control panels, etc. inside the car need to be processed to ensure their normal assembly and function.

Tires and wheels need to be processed to ensure the fit and balance of tires and wheels, so as to ensure the smooth driving of the car.

The application of machining in the auto parts industry not only covers the processing of parts, but also includes the manufacture of fixtures, gages, molds, etc.Through machining, automobile manufacturers and auto parts factories can efficiently and accurately produce various parts and accessories to ensure the performance, quality and safety of automobiles.At the same time, with the continuous progress of CNC machine tool technology and processing technology, the application of machining in the auto parts industry is also constantly expanding and innovating.


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