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Get Aerospace Prototyping and Parts Manufacturing with Hemtom

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With the rapid development of modern aviation manufacturing industry, CNC high-precision technology has become an important part of the space shuttle. Aerospace CNC machining is used to manufacture assembly and maintenance parts for aircraft and space shuttles. Parts that can be machined by CNC machining include prototype engine components, fuel plates, landing gear components, and engine mounts.

Why choose us for vehicle development

Why choose us for aerospace development

1.Competitive Price: Due to our cost control and streamlined production, we provide customers with the most cost-effective personalized production solutions, and provide aerospace manufacturers with high-quality water fixture components.

5.High precision: Advanced equipment and an excellent production team ensure the high precision of each CNC machined aircraft part.
2.Quality Materials: Available in high performance, strong, lightweight metals and plastics that meet aerospace fire regulations.

6.Powerful capabilities: advanced design, workflow software, and state-of-the-art inspection processes.

3.Custom Design: CNC machined aerospace prototypes and components of any complexity can be designed and produced according to customer drawings and samples.

7.Production speed: 50+ sets use advanced CNC machine tools for aerospace products and can be mass-produced.
4.Advanced technology: 5-axis CNC machining for the production of complex aircraft components.

8.High-quality service: timely communicate production progress with customers and deliver on time.

Custom Parts and Prototypes for the Aerospace Industry

From prototyping to series production, Hemtom manufactures parts that meet aerospace industry performance and safety standards. Traditionally, the aerospace industry has relied on precision manufacturing solutions to meet their unique custom needs. Hemtom has state-of-the-art high-speed CNC machine tools to produce CNC-machined aerospace components and aerospace prototypes with the highest precision to meet the requirements of our diverse customer base. Below is Hemtom’s expansive gallery of precision machined aerospace prototypes and production parts, provide Hemtom with pictures of your custom parts and we’ll give you the results you need.

Our Precision CNC Machining Capabilities for Aerospace Parts

CNC electronic consumer goods processing application

Our CNC aerospace machining is used in seats, engines, fasteners like screws, tire parts, brakes, electrical parts, air conditioning systems, vacuum pumps, fuel pumps, lighting systems, custom parts and prototype applications, and more. Low-volume prototypes, trials or short-run production support uses: injection molding, polyurethane casting, small part stamping Production Parts Supply: Bridge Tooling and Parts Supply, Small and Medium Volume Tooling Parts Supply, Service Parts Supply for Using New or Existing Tooling Shop Fabrication Support: Custom Assembly Fixtures/Equipment/Fixture Details, Custom Inspection Fixtures or Part Inspection Details
CNC automotive processing applications

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Our services extend to all walks of life, providing professional cnc parts/components for thousands of customers, and creating perfect external light models and structural models for designers. Click on the link below for more information.

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