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Industrial finishes for prototype products

From Production To Perfection

Your part isn’t truly complete without going through our expert Industrial finishes. From one-off prototypes to full-scale serial production, whether metal or plastic, we have everything you need to bring your project to the final step to perfection. Provide high-quality surface treatment services for all components and parts, regardless of the processing method used in production.

Learn All About Our Industrial Finishes Services

No matter what kind of processing method is used in the production of prototype projects, the process of surface treatment is essential.

Other Surface Treatments Are Available

If you need prototype products with unique private labels, our silk screen printing, pad printing and laser engraving services can meet your needs.

If you want to make some surface textures for prototype products, our brushing and high-Ray diamond cutting services can meet this.

The finishes we offer also include special materials such as solid wood, bamboo, marble, Corian, glass, fabric, leather, etc.

HEMTOM Model strives to bring solutions and advice to customers. We are happy to discuss with our customers how to achieve the specified effect on special materials. We are willing to test continuously: to see if the innovative surface works? Can it withstand high temperatures? Do special lighting effects disappear under certain circumstances? How to deal with humid environment?

All in all, Hemtom Model turns the client’s ideas into reality and serves every client wholeheartedly.


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