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Stainless steels are one of the most used strong and durable iron alloys throughout different countries. It is one of the major industrial products in the world. The product is vastly known for its minimum chromium content percentage of 10.5. Stainless steel surface finishing is a really important factor to consider for various reasons. By providing stainless steel surface finishing, it does not just save it from rusting or corrosion but also it fulfills the demands of getting an amazing look from the surfaces of your household products. To gain the best stainless steel surface finishing modelfor your production and industry, Hemtom is here to offer you the best stainless steel surface finishing model. We do not just give our priorities to the quality of the steels but also the aesthetical look that suits your production.

Our collections of stainless steel surface finishing samples are number one in the whole region and even outside. We offer our services with the latest technology and gadgets in the industrial world to ensure the quality and durability in the finishing model of the stainless steelsurface. Some of our most common stainless steel surface finishing options are the No. 2B – Matte finish, No. 8 - Mirror finish, No. 4 – Brushed finish and many more. We create our stainless steel surface finishing by wire drawing of high efficiency and steel laser cutter to make sure that the stainless steel surface finishing happens with great shape. We also use sandblasting if it is needed for removing debris and heavy iron contamination from the finishing surface of the stainless steel but we don’t overdo it as for certain reasons and situations, sandblasting may cause harm to the steel. You can choose among various colorful and top quality stainless steel samples to pick the finishing surface you want. The stainless steel of ours does not only look good in the pictures but the finishing model of the surface also they look marvelous in real life. Our stainless steel surface finishing samples can be used on various platforms.

When being used in the production of any short, one needs to choose the right surface finishing option for the stainless steel. But it is really tough and time-consuming to figure out the perfect finishing model to apply on your stainless steel surface. We provide you the service of choosing the best finishes that suits the theme of your project. Our collection of different models of stainless steel surface finishing can achieve different types of visual effects. We provide rough finishes in case the steel needs to be ground previous to painting or gluing it. We offer the finishing sample in different colors such as grey, pink or blue. We try to perform the finishing of the stainless steel surface sample by working the best materials and technologies. The hardworking and discreet workers from HEMTOM try their best to provide you with the best outcome.

We are here to rid you of the search for the best stainless steel surface.

You can get your free quotes for your production. It is requested to clearly specify the choice of your finishing or the project, the finishing stainless steel surface will be used on so that we can provide you with the proper stainless steel surface finishing sample that you demand.

We can proudly say that HEMTOMs inventory of the best stainless steel surface finishing sample collection has gotten great displaying by many industrial companies worldwide. Our products got vast popularity in almost all regions of China. We eagerly wait for the arrival of your order so that we can also supply you with the highest grade stainless steel finishing.

Stainless steel Surface Finishing Samples

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Stainless steel by wire-drawing and laser into different colors, which could be used in the logo of the products.(Middle piece)

Stainless steel with PVD into different colors after sandblasting and wire-drawing.(gray,blue,pink one)

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