Metal Vacuum Casting Alternative for TWS Earphone/VR Glasses Design

Looking for metal vacuum casting? Perfect for for TWS earphone or VR glasses design, Hemtom specialises in urethane casting that provides fast turnaround.

An array of products on a single platform: vacuum casting metal, TWS earphone design, and VR glasses design

Description: HEMTOM MODEL specializes in innovatory products viz., vacuum casting metal, TWS earphone design and VR glasses design. All are made of excellent quality materials.

Vacuum casting with metal

Vacuum castings metal relate to the metal parts generated by the process of vacuum casting. Regardless of the process used to produce certain metal pieces, they are different from traditional investment castings. The vacuum casting metal production begins by putting a two-piece mold into a vacuum chamber. After that, the vacuum pulls the molten metal into a preset container.

It is more economical to use vacuum casting metal process during manufacturing. It is because the molds are produced using silicon as the process. Compared to aluminum or steel, silicone is inexpensive and makes excellent final products. In fact, the material lets you make more mold products. It makes this process more cost-efficient.

Who is this product for?

The product is used by the food and drink industry for the labeling of their final output. Vacuum casting metal can be used to make bottles and tins made from plastics. Since this method could be applied to produce goods faster and on a wider scale, a majority of the modern industries prefer it.

The vacuum casting metal technique is also used in the manufacture of consumer goods that are passed on for packaging. Some products manufactured using this process comprises of mobile cases, pens, sunglasses, packaging food, and beverages.

Some household items are manufactured using the method of vacuum casting. This device is used to produce daily products such as food processing, cosmetics, and washing detergents.

We, at Hemtom, contribute to high-end models and practical prototypes. It is accomplished through investing in specialized infrastructure, professional expertise such as finishing analysts and comprehensive customer service management.

TWS Bluetooth earphone

It’s an abbreviated form of True Wireless stereo. The TWS earphone design is focused on the advancement of chip technology. Theoretically, it means that the cell phone is linked to the main speaker via the attachment of the same using Bluetooth wireless communication from the speaker, presuming the automatic separation between the Bluetooth left and right sound channels.

The main speaker switches to the monophonic level of sound when no contact is made from the speaker. TWS earphone design is applied to the Bluetooth earphone field that has created a new product: the TWS Bluetooth earphone. While the TWS earphone design earphone has some drawbacks, it is quite impressive for the comfort it offers to the public.

It's a real wireless structural wonder, absolutely free of discomfort of the cable, and accounts for free movement. Alternative aspects of use can be shared and enjoyed.

We, at Hemtom, think the opportunity for a TWS earphone design industry will be quite big in the future. We access more consumers by constantly improving product performance and quality, enhancing product appearance design and lowering product price being a TWS earphone design Bluetooth earphone manufacturer to gain a substantial share in this competitive market domain.

VR glasses: a virtual reality of 3 D image

VR glasses design is meant to be goggles for eyewear that acts as a display tool. They allow the user to see a series of images created by the computer device to vividly interact.

These VR glasses design assume the form of one or two computer screens, usually accompanied by sound and video that are placed in front of the face to display graphic images. The spectator views two distinct images – one in each eye combined by the brain to create a three-dimensional image. An illusion of depth is exposed that is typical of virtual environments.

These VR glasses design can be related to a wearable computer screen, which allows the viewer to explore a three-dimensional world together with an input device inclusive of a data glove or joystick.

Early types of head-mounted displays (HMD's) produced a static picture that didn't change even when the viewers turned their heads. However, newer VR glasses design models from Hemtom include tracking devices that monitor movement and orientation changes that are reflected in a shift in imagery.

Since its inception in 2002, we, at Hemtom, have distinctly specialized in bulk production of VR glasses design, maintaining high quality as usual.

Bottom line

Hemtom models are more economical than other products in the traditional market. We serve other industries with quality inputs at a cheaper rate with our amazing technology for further manufacturing in a cost-effective manner.

Small-medium volume production

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What is Polyurethane Vacuum Casting?

  • Urethane Casting is the precision alternative to injection molding, RIM, or Machining.
  • We creat a master model by CNC machining or 3D Printing.
  • The master model is set-up on a block to make multi-part mold or suspended in a frame to make a single part cut mold.
  • We pour liquid silicon around the master model in a casting box.
  • About one day the silicon is fully cured, we split the silicone mold, and remove the master model. The silicon mold is ready to cast the polyurethane parts.
  • Each part will be carefully scrutinized by our technicians to achieve the best quality.

Why Urethane Casting?

Because of the flexibility of silicone, to deal with reverse draft inserts and undercuts is easier.

Silicone molds can be reproduced with details.

Urethane casting provides fast turnaround.

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Founded in 2002, Hemtom is specialized in manufacturing high-end appearance models and functional prototypes. We continually provide you with impeccable products and experience by investing in advanced facilities, skilled talents such as finishing researchers and detailed customer service management.


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