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Case Studies

For many industries, a functional prototype or a presentation mockup is essential to test honest reactions from their potential customers. Hemtom’s services are available for nearly anything that needs to be designed and tested.

We offer mockups for mobile phone, tablet computer, laptop, headphone, VR glasses, SLR camera, robots, wearable device, drones, watch, communication apparatus, home appliance, automobile, medical device, film props, interior decoration and many other kinds.

Applications of Our Services

Appearance Model

Appearance prototype model can be physical form to reflect designers’ creation in a very intuitive way. We can look, touch and feel the concept of new product to avoid “good looking drawing but not good looking in reality” situation. Therefore, getting a mockup is indispensable in product development and market research.

Hemtom has great advantage in providing appearance prototype models with the best quality. Our experienced technicians and finishing team are ready to realize your design into reality. They not only catch features from your design, fabricate the model according to your specifications,  but also study new techniques of finish options for your reference.

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Structural Functional Prototype

Running tests on a functional prototype before going to production can save you a lot of money. This essential phase in the product development process can help you make adjustments in your design so that your product will go to the market with more competence.