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What we offer

You design it, we'll make it. We specialize in machining various industrial parts, visual prototypes, structural prototype.

Hemtom enables you to get to market faster, before the competition, with cost-effective exterior mockups and prototypes. We have state-of-the-art technology, skilled employees and strong strategic partnerships in order to provide our clients with the highest quality exterior models.

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Structural Prototype
The prototype focuses on functionality, and functional mockups confirm the shape, fit, clarity, and interaction of components. Once the system is defined in theoretical terms, engineers and designers are able to test the product to make modifications for optimal functionality, which in turn produces high-quality prototypes suitable for overall fit and function testing, testing functional prototypes before going into production can provide You save a lot of money.
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Parts manufacturing
Parts are the cornerstone of industrial production. For engineers and designers, part design and manufacturing is an essential and top priority.
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Appearance Model
The appearance prototype model can be a physical form, reflecting the designer's creation in a very intuitive way. Exterior mockups are highly visualized product or design concepts. Provides the opportunity to evaluate and improve designs. The use and purpose of appearance mockups can vary widely throughout product development. Compelling functional appearance mockups at later stages can be used to solicit consumer feedback or help secure investment. Buyers or buyers are assured. And it is possible to increase product value at any stage.
Are you looking for leading prototyping services? Functional prototypes work like, and often look like, the final production product. Hemtom is one of the leading mold manufacturers in China. Specialized in custom tooling and prototyping for a variety of thermoplastic applications for 20 years. Prototypes are important in the development process of plastic injection molded parts. We can help save time and money by detecting design flaws and other issues early in the design phase. Work with us to successfully develop your project prototype.

Our Functional Prototyping Technology

A method based on digital model files that uses powdered metal or plastic and other bonding materials to build a model by printing it layer by layer. Widely used in automotive, jewelry, footwear, industrial design, medical industry and other fields.
Silicone molding is a prototyping process that uses uncured silicone rubber to shape the final product. Types include injection, compression and extrusion. It will be very costly to use CNC machining for small batches of prototype molds, and the silicone compound mode can reduce the cost, which ultimately depends on the details of your product.
CNC machining provides an ideal way to manufacture functional prototypes. It offers a wide choice of metal materials, providing the correct material properties for “functional prototypes”, as well as precise dimensional tolerances and surface finishes. Professional surface treatment gives the final product a first-class aesthetic and texture.
Typically used for market testing, clinical trials, pre-production evaluations and small batch production. It is a vacuum mold that is formed by using heated plastic sheets, so there is no need to invest in metal molds, and the delivery time can be completed quickly.
This rapid and cost-effective plastic forming method not only produces hundreds of near-end product functional test prototypes, but also produces end-use parts on demand. Widely used in automotive, aerospace and industrial processes.


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